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Gerald Habib Consulting provides sound advice and action for individuals and businesses who are seeking growth and stability, NOW.

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With my coaching/mentoring you get a 5 in 1 value

  • Hands-on chief executive experience
  • A business development pro
  • Financial planning
  • Board/oversight experience
  • Potential network for funding/partnering

All at a very reasonable cost package!
"With his years of real experience, this grey haired man is still pretty cool and very good at what he does."

Consulting/Coaching Services

What  GHC has done for clients

For a small business in the services industry: outlined key priorities to grow sales horizontally and liaised with expert marketers to make valuable introductions
For a high growth business with suitors interested in acquisitions or partnering: developed a reasonable financial projection based on an extension of rollouts, implemented sales rep increase in key areas and outlined cost improvement projects.
For a growing specialty food supplier: reached out to established connections to introduce interested partners

For a pure startup in the design / innovative product area: advised best test market choices and identified supplier partnering opportunities.

What sets GHC apart

Unlike many firms, Gerald Habib has key management and Board Advisory experience as well as being an experienced business development executive who works directly on assignments to provide insight and perspective. With a network of key players as well as private companies and transaction experience to provided professional M&A services and acquisition screening.
What others have to say

“Gerald is a very intelligent and ethical person and an excellent engineer …. I have interacted with him from time to time during my 8 years as a consultant, and we have discussed a number of new business concepts that showed his business acumen. I recommend him highly as a possible business partner and technical collaborator.” 
Joe Porcelli
President and Principal at JVP International
Staten Island, New York

“I know you are balls to the wall and stressing to get the orders filled, all good stuff, but that will never change until you get some more help and capital … find the time to reach out and talk to Gerry and if possible make the time to sit down and share your vision for your business with him. His advice will be invaluable I’m certain.”

Lou Reda
Kennedy Group
Westport, CT, to a prospective

Helping small business owners with planning, strategy and business development. Bringing the experience of many businesses from small service companies to commercial and large industrial.